Large Format Signage - tips and tricks for Los Angeles business owners

Large Format Signage: Business Owner Tips and Tricks

When investing in large format signage, there are many things to take into account. These elements include lamination, size, substance, and image quality. Business owners can make the best choice by being aware of these variables. A great approach to market your company is via large format signs. Companies such as Platon Graphics are experienced in all sizes of print. Here are some suggestions for making the most of your investment, whether you're in Los Angeles or somewhere else.

Size of the Sign

Large format signage are a great method to advertise your company. These sizable displays, which can be either stationary or transportable, are great for advertising special deals, upcoming events, and other significant messages. You should put your customers' needs first when determining the ideal size for your signage. This article will supply you with interesting information on different sign sizes as well as instructions on how to select the ideal size for your signage.

Material of the Sign

There are many different ways to make a sign to promote a Los Angeles company. The type of material a sign is made of is part of its design. Choosing a high-end material may be crucial for Los Angeles companies that place a strong emphasis on appearance. For instance, a rounded face could be added to plastic lettering used for a lobby sign to give it a more polished appearance.

Image Quality

When it comes to large size graphics displays, image quality is crucial. The greatest wide format signage enables the highest print quality as well as a wide range of possibilities for artwork, branding, and content. According to Charles Platon of Platon Graphics, "large format signage becomes an appealing and useful advertising solution as a result. It's the ideal strategy for promoting your company".


The appearance and durability of your large format signs can be improved by applying a laminating procedure. It keeps the print's brilliant color and safeguards it against deterioration. Additionally, it is advised for several forms of substantial signage, including wraps for vehicles and elevators. A good lamination will shield your signage from UV radiation as well.


You might be asking what kinds of lighting you ought to take into account for your sign if you operate a business in Los Angeles. This choice will depend on the kind of business you run and the kind of weather you anticipate experiencing where you are. The greatest lighting will be able to supply your business with the ideal level of light.

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