What is the difference between type a and b construction?

The main difference between Type I-A and Type B is that the Type I-B building has exterior walls and a structural frame that only has to withstand fire for two hours, instead of the three hours of Type I-A. It tells you that the difference is in V-A that you have to grade the frame, the bearing walls, the floor construction and the roof construction. If firefighters are called to a Type 2 building, their top priority will be to ventilate the building to avoid a dangerous increase in temperature. When entering a Type 1 building, your main objective revolves around securing stairs to ensure safe evacuation.

Each type of building construction is associated with different construction elements, each of which varies in terms of fire resistance. If I recall correctly, the suffix A or B in the definition of the construction type refers to spray versus not spray. This list is called the 5 types of building construction, the first follows the most stringent fire resistance requirements and the fifth follows the minimum. Type IV buildings are largely constructed of large pieces of wood, connected by metal plates and bolts.

With Type A, ratings range from 1 to 3 hours, and sometimes sprinklers may be replaced by rating. When it comes to Type I construction, firefighters must be aggressive in securing stairwells and evacuating victims from the structure. Newer school buildings, shopping malls and newly renovated commercial structures often belong to this type of construction. Therefore, if you are an architect or designer of a building subject to the classification of the type of construction, it is very important that care be taken to correctly assign the correct type of construction.

In addition to the 5 types of building construction, there are different types of construction projects. But those who work in it know that the industry is still very organized, divided into specific types of construction and processes. Structural elements associated with Type I construction generally receive three to four hour fire protection.

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